Vermilion Peak

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Jul 272003

I explain what Hafner Creek is like

Sunday July 27/2003

The day was clear so I decided to try the new car on the highway and go to a peak that’s always interested me, Vermilion Peak

I knew the peak was centrally located in the valley occupied by the Kootenay River and that the views of the surrounding peaks would be one of the best.

It didn’t disappoint.

I got to the section of road just below the avalanche chute at about 10:45 and was under way by 11:06. It took me just over an hour to get above the two minor rock bands. The summit ridge in just over two hours and the summit at 2:45. Not bad.

I got back to the car and my chronometer said 4:32. That could be faster but then I wouldn’t be able to stop to take pictures of flowers and chase bees and butterflies.

I could see the valley of Hafner Creek in its entirety. It was looking not bad from here but being down there two summers ago was different. It wasn’t that bad; would I do it again? Sure.

But it wouldn’t be the same, not like the first time.

Once I finished with the movies and pictures I had some grub and drinks and then started back down. The ridge coming back was easier. On the way up it wasn’t that bad but seeing it made me think, Oh…. now I have to scramble.

After awhile though the scrambling mode comes into play and it goes automatically.

Lower down, once I got off of the ridge, I settled into the descent, and what should be the easiest part of the day.

Every mountain is different I find and the surprise this one had for me was four,… count em four… falls onto my butt. The culprits were rocks hidden branches and just bad luck. It was easy going but sometimes it just doesn’t matter, the mountain will just decided she’s going to kick your butt!

The summit of Vermilion peak

Vermilion Peak Panaorama

It takes two people to ruin a perfectly good day. First a person who says something downright nasty about you, and second, a dear friend who makes sure you hear about it immediately.

Source Unknown

The good days weren’t really so good, and tomorrow ain’t as bad as it seems.

Billy Joel
1949-, American Musician, Piano Man, Singer, Songwriter

Vermilion Peak Scramble Gallery

Later next Summer, the whole thing goes up in smoke. The Vermilion – Hafner Creek Fire