The Wedge

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Aug 112001
View from The Wedge

View from The Wedge, Kananaskis Village

I scrambled up The Wedge. This peak is imposing in profile, but in reality the scrambling is not that bad.

After Wedge Pond a trail goes up through forest and then the
scramble starts above the trees on the north east ridge.

Just as we were getting to the face a couple of climbers came down, helmets on their heads, and commented that they were trying to get down before we got below them. That’s very considerate; take their example and always think of other people when scrambling.
Their experience is evident.

I like to help people who are having difficulty when on a mountain. If they are slow, slow down too and give them some coaching about foot placements and so on.

Give water.

They may appreciate it, and some day pass on the gesture.

As soon as I got under way with the serious part, someone knocked a few rocks at me; I yelled, “what the hell are you doing” and they apologized, having not really been aware that they had done so.

Beware of competitive scrambling partners. If they seem like they want to get out in front of you in steep, loose terrain just holler out at them.

If you allow them to get too far in front of you the projectiles will only hit your head with greater velocity. Again; beware of competitive attitudes in this type of terrain, it’s a learned trait that mountain neophytes have a proclivity towards but has no place here.

The scramble got easier until the last bit to the ridge, which was a smidgen loose and heaped up; piles of rocks that move a bit if your not careful.

The main ridge traverse was easier than Alan Kane suggests. The narrow part of the Wedge’s summit ridge wasn’t noticeably loose.

I guess lots of people have gone this way and cleared it off. The ridge is fun, safer that the loose face and the views are good. If there are other people area above you on the face beware. Get a helmet and use it.

Hasten slowly.

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