Saddle Mountain

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Sep 012002

Sunday Sept 1 2002

I slept at the closed campground at Marble Canyon last night. It was raining steady when I woke up in my bivy sack.

Return to Laggan

I thought of climbing “The Tower of Babel” but the weather at Moraine Lake was the pits for over 45 minutes while I ate in the car. So I drove back to Lake Louise proper and the sky was clear so I decided to go up Saddle Mountain.

Lagan Farm Bowmore Islay

Lagan Farm Bowmore Islay

I took one hour to the Saddle Back and 10 minutes more to get to the top. I made it back to the Lake in 2:06. The cost was a partial face plant into some shrubbery and a strained hip in my mad dash to the bottom.

My new polycarbonate lens sunglasses came through shining through!

Fairview Mountain from Saddle Mountain

Fairview Mountain from Saddle Mountain

So now here I am back at Laggan’s Bakery in the town of Lake Louise to write about it, accompanied by an annoying plump fly buzzing about. Stupid thing!

Outside on the sidewalk by the bench where I had a pleasant coffee after scrambling Cirque Peak last year, stoops an engorged Raven.
This donut fed bird can no doubt barely fly.

This chapter in my gut wrenching mountain saga is almost over so I’ll give you a few clues.

The trail to take is the Fairview Mountain-Saddle Back trail that starts next to the boat rental shop on the shore of Lake Louise. The
rest I’ll leave for you figure out.

Good Luck! You’ll need it!

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William Shakespeare
1564-1616, British Poet, Playwright, Actor

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Graham Greene
1904-1991, British Novelist