Paget Peak

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Jul 042001

July 4/2001: This was the first scramble of the summer for me. I was soft in the middle and was slow near the summit. At the halfway point I stopped for a rest at the Paget Peak fire lookout and I met a Fireman from down east on vacation.

Mark Brisseau’s nickname is Spiderman, and I could see why. With all my experience, with over 35 peaks to that date and over 12,000 km of cycling since 1993, I bonked near the summit and fell behind bent over with dizzy exhaustion.

That’s when I decided to get back into to shape. Not just a half hearted effort either. No booze, no butter or margarine, no large servings of
starchy foods, no more messing around with my health. My goal is full tilt fitness and nutrition. The downside of being very fit is an absolutely crazy and sometimes upsetting need to breed!

If Mark ever makes it back this way I look forward to pitting the new Tim against the new Mark in a bit of friendly competition out on the rocky slopes.

Mark writes:

Hey Tim,

Thanks ever so much
for the picture……it turned out AWESOME !!!!

And you can bet
that I’ll be back out there, hopefully soon !!! And I’ll be sure
to look you up….and we’ll just see if ya can keep up to
me….I’ve quit smoking, so I’m gettin my wind back !!!

Anyway, thanks
again…my whole trip out there was really cool, and you’re help
climbing that day was a really nice gesture. I’ll be sure to tell
all my friends about your sites, and hopefully I can convince a
few of them to come with me next time.

take care,

Mark Brisseau

It’s good to see enthusiasm at work. Hope to see you in the mountains Spiderman!

As for Paget Peak, this is an easy one, and at the half way point you can relax in a Plexiglas enclosed shelter replete with picnic tables, squirrels, and of course a fly or two.

Sherbrooke Lake and Mount Ogden from Paget Peak

Sherbrooke Lake and Mount Ogden from Paget Peak

Notes for 2002:
Mark never showed up this summer, well perhaps next summer.

Notes for 2006:
Cindy and I tried to get to the lookout on our snowshoes but we couldn’t find the branch of the trail from the Sherbrooke Lake trail. It sure was snowy though. Lot’s of fun.



Paget Peak Panorama

Paget Peak Panorama

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