My Second Fifty Mountains

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This next set of fifty peaks started with scrambles at a time in my life when I was at a boundary. I now know there are noble pursuits in life outside academic circles or raising a family that are worthy of an individuals passion and effort.

Let me make this abundantly clear. I love Canada’s Mountains.

Below is the start of my next list of fifty mountains in the Canadian Rockies that I have scrambled. Please click on each mountain to read a story.

Mountain     DateAreaStyleAlt. M.Vert. M
51. Belmore Browne Pk.Fall 2001KanGroupxx
52. Kinderlsy SummitSpring 2002KootGroupxx
53. Mt EdithAugust/02BanffAlone2554x
54. Mt. Lawrence GrassiAug/26/02BanffAlone2685x
55. Saddle MountainSept/1/02BanffAlone2433x
56. Mount AylmerSept/18/02BanffAlone3162x
57. Mount FieldSept/20/02YohoGroup2643x
58. Redstreak MountainSept/28/02KootAlone2118x
59. Sanson PeakJune 16/03BanffAlone2256x
60. Sulphur MountainJune 16/03BanffAlone2451x
61. Mount CollembolaJune 28/03KanAlone2758x
62 Tower of BabelJuly 8/03BanffAlone2310450
63. Panorama MountainJuly 19/03ColAlonex1500
64. Mount GoldieJuly 19/03ColAlonex1500
65. Vermilion PeakJuly 27/03KootAlone26361250
66. Mount SparrowhawkAug 1/03KanAlone31211350
67. Tangle RidgeSept 4/03JasperAlone30001000
68. Gap PeakSept 26/03KanAlonexx
69. Rimwall SummitSept 28/03KanAlone2700x
70. Banded PeakOct 2/03KanAlone2934x
71. Middle SisterOct 6/03KanAlone2769x
72. Mount BurgessJul 2004YohoGroup2599x
73. Mount CarthewJul 2005WatGroup2636x
74. Mount WhitehornMar 2006BanffAlonexx
75. Grizzly PeakMar 2006KanGroupx2500x800
76. The WhistlersSept 2006JasperGroupxx

Kan=Kananaskis Country; Van=Vancouver; MRbb=Mt. Robson Provincial Park; Koot=Kootenay National Park; Crows=Crowsnest Pass; Col=Columbia (Rocky Mountain Trench);
Wat=Waterton National Park
Mtn.=Mountain; Mt.=Mount; Pk.=Peak; =;
¿=non-sequitor, does not compute

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Henry Miller
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