My First Fifty Mountains

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Below is a list of mountains in the Canadian Rockies that I have scrambled, so far.

Please click on each mountain to read a story.

My goal was to climb/scramble/walk by fair means (no ropes) 50 peaks, mountains, or towers and although I’ve just reached that goal I hope that I’m just starting. This is nutrition for the spirit, where the soul is couched.

Now that I am done I set another goal, to go for 100, then 150, then 200 and so on till my bones, heart and other necessary accouterments’s age too far, or the world stops spinning.

For anyone who needs to discover how strong they are, not just physically, scrambles are one of the best ways to do it. Along the way there may be a few gendarmes but with team work, …. or just personal strength, I know you’ll get through to the other side.

Don’t forget to think about why you need to think about why you need to do this. An attachment will occur if you keep it up, and eventually you may feel as lucky as I do, to get were you can see farther that you ever thought possible before.

Mountain     DateAreaAlt. MVert. M
1. The Black Tusk07/86Van2315~2300M
2. Tunnel Mountain07/86Banff1690~350
3. Mt. RundleDec/15/88Banff2949~1600M
4. Mt. Temple07/88Banff3543~1600M
5. Moose Mtn.07/93Kan2437~600
6. Mumm Pk.07/94MRob2962~1400
7. Heart Mtn.07/94Kan2135~875
8. Mt. Swansea07/94Col2300+~700
9. Mt. Nestor07/97Kan2975~1200
10. Mt. Whyte08/98Banff2983~1200
11. Mt. Niblock08/98Banff2976~1200
12. Eiffel Pk.08/98Banff3084~1250
13. Grotto Mtn.02/98Kan2706~1300
14. Ha Ling Pk.02/98Kan2680~700
15. Mt. Baldy07/98Kan2192~700
16. Prairie Mtn.08/98Kan2210~750
17. East Mt. Rundle21/03/99Banff2590~900
18. Mt. Lady MacDonald18/Apr/99Kan2700+n/a
19. Doorjamb Mtn.25/Apr/99Kan~2200n/a
20. Squaw’s Tit13/Jun/99Banff25001200
21. Jumpingpound Mtn.Jul/99Kan2200n/a
22. Sunwapta Pk.29/Aug/99Jasper3315>1700
23. Mt. ChesterSept/99Kan30541150
24. Mt. St. Nicholas08/Apr/00Banff2970?
25. Mt. Olive09/Apr/00Banff3130?
26. Mt. WareJun/00Kan2500?700
27. Mt. YamnuskaJuly/4/00Kan2500?900
28. Mt. GlasgowJul/15/00Kan29351310
29. Mt. CornwallJul/15/00Kan2970500
30. Outlaw Pk.Jul/15/00Kan2970500
31. Mt. St. PiranJul/28/00Banff2649900
32. Mt. FairviewJul/30/00Banff27441000
33. Blackrock Mtn.Nov/25/00Kan2400+900+
34. Barrier Mtn.Feb/3/01Kan2200?650
35. Paget Pk.Jul/4/01Yoho25601000
36. Mt. BourgeauJul/9/01Banff29301500
37. Mt. CoryJul/12/01Banff28021370
38. Cascade Mtn.Jul/20/01Banff29981325
39. The FortressJul/23/01Kan30001000
40. Big SisterJul/26/01Kan29361200
41. Turtle Mtn.Aug/5/01Crows22041230
42. Crowsnest Mtn.Aug/7/01Crows27851100
43. The WedgeAug/11/01Kan26651100
44. Cirque Pk.Aug/12/01Banff29931050
45. Beatrice Pk.Aug/17/01Koot31251634
46. Mt. BallAug/17/01Koot33111820
47. Pigeon Mtn.Sept/16/01Koot2394990
48. Mt. AllanSept/28/01Koot23001350
49. Loder PeakOct/15/01Kan??
50. Stoney Squaw MountainOct/17/01Banffwho
Kan=Kananaskis Country; Van=Vancouver; MRbb=Mt. Robson Provincial Park; Koot=Kootenay National Park; Crows=Crowsnest Pass; Col=Columbia (Rocky Mountain Trench); Mtn.=Mountain; Mt.=Mount; Pk.=Peak;
¿=non-sequitor, does not compute

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