Mount Ware

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Jul 152000

As far as mountains go, Mount Ware is about as insignificant as they get, but to a mountain hungry individual who can’t get enough of these things, it’s far better than nothing. In fact it’s a peaceful remote spot where you’d be lucky to see another soul all year.

This little peak is located just east of Bluerock Mountain. It’s about a six kilometer hike from the Gorge Creek trailhead in Kananaskis Country, a beautiful and remote area that’s oddly enough only a short drive from Calgary.

The day that I went, the weather was not bad, but just a bit cloudy. I set up my tent at a bench below the summit, then scampered off to bag it after having had a little sip of the ole bottle.

On the top, you get a taste of rocks, just enough to keep you from going crazy for the love of it.

It was very quiet.

Then I could hear a bugling. Looking down to a bench on the north I could see some elk. They could see me too. I bugled back, but they weren’t interested in Dr. Dolittle and if anything I probably should have left them alone. They moved off after looking in bewilderment at the strange creature above.

A large picture so you can see the Elk They’re near the bottom of the picture

A large picture so you can see the Elk. They’re near the bottom of the picture

Later that night I slept in my tent with a storm dropping several inches of snow outside. The next day was a pleasant hike back to
the truck.

Mount Ware Panorama

Mount Ware Panorama

heard the bells on Christmas Day. Their old familiar carols play. And wild and sweet the words repeat. Of peace on earth goodwill to men.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
1819-1892, American Poet

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