Mount Saint Piran

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Oct 242008

This small peak is accessible by trail, and a signed one at that. Just go to the Lake Louise parking area, and you got it, park. After that you must get out and walk.

The trail to the peak proper starts just before you get to Little Beehive. Look to your left for a trail, and a sign is just up the trail about ten feet. From that point on the crowds are few and the air fresh. I sometimes wish I could control the seasons, so I could do these hikes more often, but I’m not God so that’s not my domain.

Once on the summit the views are great, just not as good as Mt. Fairview.

Mount Niblock and Mount Whyte however are dominant from this perspective.

Once you’ve finished feeding yourself and drinking much water, go back to ground level and perhaps enjoy an expensive meal of greasy food at the local chalet.


Mount Saint Piran Panorama

Mount Saint Piran Panorama

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1899-1973, Anglo-Irish Novelist

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