Mount Goldie

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Jul 192003
Mount Goldie – Canadian Rockies
A Mountain Tarn below Mount Goldie

A Mountain Tarn below Mount Goldie

Saturday July 19 2003

This mountain is located near Invermere BC. The route to the top starts at the Panorama Ski Hill on Toby Creek.

The day I decided to do this scramble, which is really mostly a hike, was a hot one. The temperature was forecast to be around 30-35 Deg C. I also should have started sooner, but did some socializing first.

I got under way at around 11:00 AM with the intention of summiting both Mount Goldie and also Mount Taynton as well in an allotted eight hours. The hike was more than I bargained for and I probably covered the better part of 30k and 1500 meters vertical just to get to Goldie and back.

I started off by going up to the left of what I thought was Taynton creek but was just really a minor drainage that runs down the center of the ski hill.

I took a break after the first hour and then continued up a double black diamond ski run. At 2:05 I finally made it to the summit of the ski hill to a newly constructed coffee shop/hut. From there the views were great and I had a chance to try out my new digital camera. The photos and movies on this page were made with it. Its a Sony DSC F717 and after getting home and analyzing the images I would agree with the reviews I have read about the camera.

It’s awesome!

Trees on Panaorama Mountain

Trees on Panaorama Mountain

At the top is the terminus of what will be a new Ski lift.

At this point the way to the summit of Mount Goldie is a great hike along a beautiful ridge that leads you over several small peaks, and forests of Larch and then eventually above tree line to the top.

Once on top the views, although hazy, were expansive and I could see hundreds of miles up and down the Rocky Mountain Trench. The summit temperature was about 85 Deg C. The flies, in particular a few horse flies, were a minor irritant in what would otherwise be an idyllic setting.

After having shot the photos I decided to go down and check the Alpine Tarn below the summit. It looked inviting and I decided to cool off with a dip. The soft talus made for a quick and easy decent to the lake.

After the dip I continued down, but had to climb back up a small amount. At one point I startled a deer but was not quick enough with the camera. A kilometer or so later I caught up with him. He was patient while I removed my camera from my back pack and took a photo of him watching me.

Map of Mount Goldie and Panorama Mountain

Map of Mount Goldie and Panorama Mountain

Note for Sept 31 2003

On the way down I was very relaxed. After such a great day who wouldn’t be? I was also eager to get back and hang out with Kathleen and Katie. Although I never got to visit with them and see Infinity Solstice perform at the local tavern in Panorama Village, that day and the next were the best of my summer. I wish I had used my new camera to capture Katie and Kathleen on the tennis courts at Panorama Village.


Mount Goldie Panorama

Mount Goldie Panorama

If you do not expect the unexpected you will not find it, for it is not to be reached by search or trail.

BC 535-475, Greek Philosopher


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