Mount Bourgeau

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Jul 092001

bourgeauback1280Mount Bourgeau is always hard for me to type out, French does not come easily to me. The peak however is easy to get up, just takes awhile that’s all. 1500 meters stretched over 24 k or so. It never gets steep so is easy on the knees to get back down.

Located near Sunshine Village the trek to the summit makes for a long day. There are only one or two spots where a hand will find the rock.

Bourgeau Lake

Bourgeau Lake

On the way up you pass a lovely lake named after the mountain as well as a handful of tarns. A very scenic trip.

Two trips were made by me myself and I to Mt. Bourgeau this summer (2001). The first trip was alone and on a beautiful day.

At the lake a squirrel came to visit me. I snapped a shot of him looking over a boulder, no doubt wanting a hand out. I gave the critter nothing but a smile and a few soft words. Further up the mountain near the summit were some ptarmigans.

The summit was chilly even in the middle of the summer. I hunkered down behind the telecommunications building to eat lunch. To be lucky enough to reach a warm summit in the Canadian Rockies you must have excellent, very warm and very calm weather. My favorite conditions. Try August. Maybe September.

Another trip was organized where other people were interested in going to an easy peak so I suggested this one. I have no problem with a day in the mountains, even if it is repeating another trip.

The day was uneventful except for the adrenalin rush I had at one point.

I was walking and talking with freind, when a tremendous feeling washed over me. A slower more relaxed pace allowed the endorphins and adrenalin to give pleasure instead of coping with pain, which is normal for me with my sometimes crazed pace. I like to push.

The massive Mt. Ball at left from the summit of Bourgeau

massive Mt.
Ball at left from the summit of Bourgeau

This was the start of more substantial and less debilitating (physically that is) adrenal activity than on Cascade. Never in my life have I had it
like this. If you experience this type of thing you should perhaps go see a doctor. A growth near your kidney can cause this type of accelerated adrenal activity.

Mount Bourgeau Panorama

Mount Bourgeau Panorama


There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are the messengers of overwhelming grief, of deep contrition, and of unspeakable love.

Washington Irving
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Annihilation has no terrors for me, because I have already tried it before I was born –a hundred million years –and I have suffered more in an hour, in this life, than I remember to have suffered in the whole hundred million years put together. There was a peace, a serenity, an absence of all sense of responsibility, an absence of worry, an absence of care, grief, perplexity; and the presence of a deep content and unbroken satisfaction in that hundred million years of holiday which I look back upon with a tender longing and with a grateful desire to resume, when the opportunity comes.

Mark Twain
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