Aug 172001
Mt. Ball

Mt. Ball

Tom Seto, Henri Henault and I scrambled up both mountains (and Beatrice Peak) in one day from the top of Hafner creek about three weeks before 911. The approach to the top of the creek took about six hours, a lot more than Kane’s guide book suggests.

The bivi site was nice but the smoke from a nearby forest fire was intense and some interesting photos were had. I got dizzy for a moment.

The traverse between the two summits was fun, with one spot of ice to deal with. I used my adz to cut a single step in but I’m not sure if Tom used it on his way back, a down climb. I did.

Tom did an ice glissade down from the summit but I clawed my way back up to the safety of rock after a few slippery step’s. Took a bit longer but was preferable to an ice burn.

Beatrice Peak and Mount Stephen

Beatrice Peak and Mount Stephen, our route follows the narrow snow ridge

I found the bush whack much easier on return. It helps to get the trail finding skills in shape. The log jumping and obstacle course made for lots of bending, heaving and other bodily movements that with a full pack was a good workout.

I’m glad I went on this trip instead of the Castle Mountain trip we had planned on.

Unfortunately my friend Ann never made it. I would have loved it if she had come but nobody could be found to take care of her cat, Blue.


I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge — that
myth is more potent than history. I believe that dreams are
more powerful than facts — That hope always triumphs over
experience — That laughter is the only cure for grief. And I
believe that love is stronger than death.

Robert Fulghum
American Writer, Minister, Working Cowboy

We know that we have passed
from death into life, because we love… [1 John 3:14]

Sacred Scriptures of Christians and Judaism

Angry God

This is in my estimation the most beautiful photo I’ve ever taken. The sun was setting through the smoke and then we saw this thing.
This cloud was like an awesome omen, at once beautiful but also strangely awful. At the time I thought of it as an angry God.
In retrospect it seems almost surreal that this moment came along when it did. An end to a chapter in my life and the story of this world.

Mount Ball and Beatrice Peak Gallery


Movie of Hafner Creek from Vermilion Peak