Mount Aylmer

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Sep 182002

Wednesday Sept 18 2002 6:48 PM

That one was a bit of a grunt. Tough slog. But I made it here.

I am on the summit of Mt. Aylmer (3168m). Too cold and windy to write much so I’ll continue when I get back to my tent at LM 8. Bye for now, the dark is coming.

754 PM
Just took a picture of the almost full moon rising over the lake (Lake Minnewanka). Time for some celebratory sardines now that I’m through with the tedious stuff.

Now I must march my butt back to the lake, perpetually prolapseing hemorrhoid and all. Isn’t the human body wonderful!

Vegetarian 1 – Tree 0

9:58 PM
Got back to camp about 15 minutes ago. My enthusiasm about having survived taking on a tree with the top of my head was thwarted by a rodent. Why can’t Parks Canada get a proper cache installed here? Plastic bags don’t cut it when a gymnastic rodent is on a rampage through the woods.

Now I’m cooking my
Curry in a Hurry…. slowly of course.

Yup I smashed my head. It was a double stumble in the dark. I had the head lamp on but depth perception is impaired in flat light, so my cerebellum couldn’t do it’s usual miracle and place my foot in the precise spot. The tree was probably wondering why this vegetarian wanted to take up the occupation of the local Rams. Perhaps I want to mate with a naughty(sic) pine?

Anyhow I’m glad I didn’t turn back when I got to just below the final summit pyramid. I was thinking about Kane’s description. He mentions toilsome scree or some such nonsense. It wasn’t that bad. There was some loose scree, but you only use that on the way back down.

I get to sleep in here at LM8 in the morning….Yippee!

On the way up and down the mountain today I thought about my life problems. If I had no problems to think about what would it be? Subdimensional Physics? Or perhaps hemorrhoidectomeys.

11:22 PM
Well folks rather than going on and on about bs, which is my habit when I’m writing in a tent and the wind is swooshing through the trees, I’ll just say bye for now, and thanks for reading my Mt. Aylmer page.

I’m starting to feel like the old Tim Helmer I used to know. Lumpy head and all. Yup.

Good Night
Mount Aylmer Panorama

Mount Aylmer Panorama

ou cannot travel on the path until you become the path itself.

He is not the same, nor is he another.

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