Jul 221983

Sunday November 4/2001/4:51PM

It’s exactly one season since I was on my way to the Crowsnest Pass for a holiday, August 4th; feels like a year.

But I just got back from Moose Mountain. This was the umpteenth time I’ve been up there, less than ten times though.

I reached the top in 1:40 and the total trip time was under 3 hours, but I stopped the timer for my sun break in the trees on the way down. A few weeks or more have passed since I’ve enjoyed sunshine like that and I feel a lot better too. Be it understood, if I could, I’d stay with the wood, and I should.

Did you know that the pineal gland, located in the head, is photosensitive? If you don’t get some sun, the human body knows it. A primordial section in our genome left over from the Iguana days I guess.

When you get some sun iguana be a great day!

Lots of other people were trying to get to the top, some on mountain bikes. Over the first summit the wind gusts were blowing me into a 45 degree tilt. Lots of fun. On the way back I was stunned to see some shorts clad people still going up, their legs pink from the wind. The wind-chill was near zero so it wasn’t that bad I suppose. In Calgary it was 20 Degrees C.

While on the summit I enjoyed my traditional can of sardines, and an apricot cliff bar. The long chained fatty acids in fish and eggs prevent you from getting moody; their synergistic with the sunshine. I’m a vegetarian now, and I feel like I’m still working on the food technology side of it. I’ve left myself a bit short on the nutrients at times and have paid for it. I won’t get into the details of that right now.

Here are some friendly French people, their dog was friendly too. Jumpingpound Mountains in the background

Here are some friendly French people, their dog was friendly too. Jumpingpound Mountains in the background

My physical performance has been boosted, mostly in a slower heart rate. My blood pressure has dropped from 160 to 120. Weight is down from 230 lbs. to 185 lbs. This helps enormously.

If you want to live longer and feel heartier, go vegetarian, but do your homework first, don’t stumble into it like I did.

ever would it occur to a child that a sheep, a pig, a cow or a chicken was good to eat, while, like Milton’s Adam, he would eagerly make a meal off fruits, nuts, thyme, mint, peas and broad beans which penetrate further and stimulate not only the appetite but other vague and deep nostalgias. We are closer to the Vegetable Kingdom than we know; is it not for man alone that mint, thyme, sage, and rosemary exhale “crush me and eat me!” — for us that opium poppy, coffee-berry, tea-plant and vine perfect themselves? Their aim is to be absorbed by us, even if it can only be achieved by attaching themselves to roast mutton.

Cyril Connolly
1903-1974, British Critic