The Fortress

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Jul 212001

The Fortress: The peak is visible in the background, the route goes up the right hand skyline.

The Fortress: The peak is visible in the background, the route goes up the right hand skyline.

July 23 2001

This day I was originally going to Mt. Indefatigable. That was closed due to a bruin; so off I drove to the Smith Dorien.



When I got above Chester Lake and could finally see “The Fortress” I thought of quitting. I’m Glad I didn’t. If you have no good reason to turn back, don’t.

First you cross a boulder field. That lasts for about one kilometer. It’s good for the foot-eye coordination.

Just a bit of loose talus to reach the Fortress Chester col, then the last bit is a pleasant trail to the summit. Very nice!!

Headwall Lakes approach

Lakes approach

Just before the summit I caught up to Michael Liu. When we got to the top we took each others picture and enjoyed the view.

After that we walked down the mountain, Michael took many photo’s and we talked about his Headwall Lakes approach. He said it was wet, vegetated and it was more effort than the Chester Lake approach.

Michael moved off to the east right after this. He left his job in Kananaskis to go back to Toronto and start a family.

The east face is nearly vertical, so don’t get to close or aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

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The Fortress Gallery