Eiffel Peak

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Aug 071998
Eiffel Peak – Canadian Rockies

Eiffel Peak is a great scramble to a summit that is centrally located to the Valley of the Ten Peaks.

Start by finding a group of hikers to go along with. These days access to the Larch Valley-Sentinel Pass area is restricted to parties of at least six people. This is to avoid close encounters of the bear kind.

Head for Sentinel Pass, then cross to the obvious ridge leading to Eiffel Peak after the switch backs give way to the upper valley. When on the ridge, the views are fantastic. The day I climbed the peak, the temperature was hot, and the air was hazy. Not the best conditions for seeing faraway summits, but the photographs have a special quality on days like that.

The ridge is straight forward, with only a small section of boulders to cross, then some moderate scrambling further up when negotiating the white rock band.

The summit views are unbelievable. Nearby Eiffel Tower can be pondered over a precipitous north face. Temple Mountain is deceptively close and to the west The Good Sirs tower.

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