Cirque Peak

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Aug 122001

August 12 2001

Cirque Peak from Helen Lake

Cirque Peak from Helen Lake

The day I scrambled Cirque Peak was sunny and the photos great. The peak is an easy, scenic scramble from Helen Lake.

From the lake you go to Dolomite Pass, turn left across karst pavement and follow a trail up through fine orange almost volcanic talus to gain a ridge. From there it’s straight forward, all you have to do is just enjoy the fantastic views. The hike only takes just over an hour from the lake to get to the double summit. Then it’s a short fun scramble to the main summit of Cirque Peak.

Myself, my friend Ann, and a dude named Greg were the only ones to go the peak.

Others in the rather large hiking contingent stayed by the lake. If you look hard you may be able to see people near the top of the lake next to a large boulder in the photo at left.

Later in the day Ann and her sister and I stopped at Lake Louise for a coffee and a cookie.

Near the coffee shop we saw a large dog. The name of the breed escapes me, but it was a big beautiful lazy creature with brown and black markings that looked like a Saint Bernard… but wasn’t.

Note: Sept 13 2003

I’m driving trough Canmore with some friends and wha-la, there’s the dog. It’s a Belgian breed I think. Anyway, here it is for you to enjoy. Handsome thing isn’t it?

The Dog

The Dog, running freely in Canmore.

Note: Sept 1 2006

I stand corrected.

Duncan has sent me an email and tells me;

In case no-one else told you, the dog you took a photo of is a Bernese Mountain Dog. They are from Switzerland – no surprise, given that Belgium isn’t exactly known for its mountains!

They tend to be lazy in the heat (all that fur) but they go nuts when it is freezing out. We have a 10 year old Bernese (which is old for a big breed) and he turns into puppy every winter.

But back at the summit, the views were very worth while.

I recommend it.

Unless you have a severe health problem (clogged heart) you should go to this summit. Pick a nice clear day in late August or September. When you get there sit back and reflect upon your achievements and your fantastic opportunities.

I hope you have a happy life!

Cirque Peak Panorama

Cirque Peak Panorama

The mountains, rivers,
earth, grasses, trees, and forests are always emanating a
subtle, precious light, day and night, always emanating a
subtle, precious sound, demonstrating and expounding to all
people the unsurpassed ultimate truth.