Monica Droppo

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May 252013
Mount Burgess – Canadian Rockies

Saturday July 24th 2004

Field BC from Mount Burgess

Field BC from Mount Burgess

This was my only new scramble for 2004. My friend Monica Droppo (nee Matt) came with me.

I wish she could come along again but she passed away about 20 months after our scramble. It’s seems very bizarre that someone that is so healthy can just die!

And trust me, she was healthy!

Thus is the nature of death! It can sneak up on you like a brutal thief in the night and steal your life away from you.

I wish you all, like I wish Monica, the best and hope you find (including Dan) and have a happy life.

Don’t forget to get out and grab some fun and live it up a bit, life is short and time is wasting!

July 24th was a warm day and the first part of the trail is from the Sherbrooke Lake parking area and goes through trees for some time. It was hot.

Monica Climbs

Monica Climbs

Once out on the open slopes the final part of the route is visible. From here Monica and I left the trail and could see the slopes but there is about 10 minutes of bush to whack.

The upper part of the route is a narrow gully. Along the either side of the gully rock walls provide hand holds to make the way easier. There is less ruble along the sides also.

Once you top the gully you stand on a ridge. The views start to improve but you still won’t see Emerald Lake until you look over the vertical north face from the summit.

From here you cross the ridge and scramble up the middle of a rocky face to the final slopes.

Once on top you can relax and enjoy the views. Peaks and ice fields are numerous and Mount Stephen dominates the south.

Once you have relaxed and prepared for the return you go back the way you came.

Monica Droppo

Monica Droppo


How rare and wonderful is that flash of a moment when we realize we have discovered a friend.

William E. Rothschild

I can’t forgive my friends for dying; I don’t find these vanishing acts of theirs at all amusing.

Logan Pearsall Smith
1865-1946, Anglo-American Essayist, Aphorist



Mount Burgess Panorama


Mount Burgess Gallery (please hit F11; function key 11)


Richard Delbert Mott

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May 252013

Richard Delbert Mott 1954 – 2003

My friend Rick Mott has passed away. I have decided to pay tribute to Rick by constructing this page. It’s not finished yet but will get more attention in the future with additional pictures and a story or two about Rick and the good times I had camping and fishing with him.

Below is the text from the memorial card I received at his Memorial Service.

Richard Delbert Mott 1954 – 2003

Richard Delbert Mott of Calgary, passed away at his residence on Tuesday March 18, 2003, at the age of 48 years.

Richard is survived by his daughter Joanne and grandson Nathan. Richard is also survived by his brothers, Gary, Steve, and John and their families. Richard was predeceased by his parents Penny and Del, his brother Douglas, and granddaughter Nikhayla.

If friends so desire, memorial tributes may be made directly to the Canadian Foundation For The Study of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (S.I.D.S.), Box 5881, Station “A”, Calgary, Alberta T2H 1Y4.

Rick and I have been camping and backpacking on many occasions to places like the Tay River, The Livingstone River, Daisy Creek, Fallen Timber Creek, Mountain Air Lodge, and Isabella Lake.

Here are some photos of the Tay River.

The Tay River looking
towards the beaver pond

The Tay River from near the beaver pond

Here are some of Rick’s friends.

Jim King at McLean Creek. Rick and Jim grew up on the same street. The three of us went camping at Mountain Air LodgeThis is Barnsey at Isabella Lake. My brother Craig was there too

My brother Craig at the Spray River. Rick took this photo.

Rick took this photo of me when we hiked into Isabella Lake in 1995

This part of my Memorial to Richard is a copy of Rick’s website.

It’s unaltered except for the graphics have been recompressed to save space on my web server. Very little degradation will be apparent in the quality of the graphics.

I’m glad I copied it from the Uleth web server years ago.

It was published for a short time on the University of Lethbridge web server in 1996 or thereabouts. Rick received a B.Ed and a B.Sc at that University but sadly never utilized the full extent of his education. I hope we all get to utilize the full extent of what we know, to realize our purpose, as a further tribute to Rick or anyone who never gets to achieve fully their life goals.

Visit Rick’s website
The Web
Getting Webbed Feet, Richard Mott

Although Rick never fulfilled his ambitions, in my estimation he was ultimately a success. He was well educated and sacrificed much to be so, but more importantly he was a father and took the best care he could for his daughter Joanne and wonderful grandson Nathan.

Soon I’ll publish the story of how Rick saved me from my broke down car at the side of the highway when I was on the way to the Crowsnest Pass on August 4th 2001. I ran into him and Joanne and Nathan in the Nanton Alberta IGA on my way back to Calgary by way of thumb.

Rick, Joanne, Nathan and I went back to the Livingstone River and camped together for two nights.

By the way, that trip saw me summit Turtle Mountain and Crowsnest Mountain, so you can thank Rick if you’ve enjoyed viewing those pages.

There may be a movie of Rick that I took of him fishing at Storm Lake in Kananaskis in 1995 but I have to talk to Joanne about that first. To view that movie will be a triumph for me. The revisiting of a special moment in my life.

Below are some pictures of Rick’s daughter Joanne as well as a poem written by Joanne about her father.

Joanne and
some Ducks

Joanne and a

Life passes by to quickly for some
And we are left with regrets
Of things left unsaid
And things left undone
But instead of dwelling
With those regrets
Lets instead live with the memory
Of the good things that were said
And the good times that were had
And go into tomorrow
Knowing we did what we

Joanne Mott

In living memory of Richard Moll, MclNNIS & HOLLOWAY has provided a tree to be dedicated at Fish Creek Provincial Park Sunday, September 14, 2003.