Jul 092003

Mt. Lawrence Grassi. My first attempt on this Canmore summit was a bust. Although other people suggest otherwise I think Kane’s description is flawed.

I went just past the rock cut and ended upon a peak to the south of LG. Warm summer rain drenched me on the way down.

The next attempt was as a traverse from Ha Ling. Kane offers no real description of this, but does say that the route is difficult to spot.

 Mount Lawrence Grassi from Ha Ling Peak

Mount Lawrence Grassi from Ha Ling Peak

To start with there is no “route”. That would imply that the first real barrier would be penetrable. Unless I’m blind, I could see no reasonable way over this wall of rock. The point at which one must decide on a route offers only a straight-on view of this wall so the steepness of it is hard to discern.

To make a long story short, I had to down climb completely around this initial difficulty.

Above the first rock band, the route is on the left

Above the first rock band, the route is on the left

Once around the lower corner, things get interesting. You must climb back up into an amphitheatre.

A rock band is overcome on the far left. Choose your route here carefully.

Then another 45 deg cute is climbed. This cute is on the left also, don’t expect to go right just yet.

This difficult chimney would be below the spot in the above photo. I passed on this one in favor of the route above

This difficult chimney would be below the spot in the
above photo. I passed on this one in favor of the route above

Eventually you get across the amphitheatre to the south side where there is a moderate to difficult chimney to climb. The chimney is a bit loose near the top and I had to take care not to dislodge any of the component rocks. At the top of this you are now onto the main ridge that’ll take you to the top of Mount Lawrence Grassi.

By the way I constructed a cairn at the top of the chimney for you and it should be visible from the amphitheatre. I wonder how long it will last? Probably longer than me. Arggg! I want to live a long time.

The way to the summit is straightforward, with just one exposed spot just before the summit. Here you must maneuver around a boulder on a ledge. I reached across the top on the left side of the bolder where it’s narrow.

My summit panorama is poor, I need to level my tripod better with a plum bob. Sorry about that folks

Anyway, see you in the mountains.

Post Script
Lawrence Grassi seemed to be a humble person who left a great deal to the people of Canmore and those who visit it so I dedicate this page to his memory.

Mount Lawrence Grassi Panorama

Mount Lawrence Grassi Panorama

This is a poor panorama…… sorry

any people believe that humility is the opposite of pride, when, in fact, it is a point of equilibrium. The opposite of pride is actually a lack of self esteem. A humble person is totally different from a person who cannot recognize and appreciate himself as part of this worlds marvels

Rabino Nilton Bonder

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Jun 282003

Sunday June 28 2003

Mt. Collembola… On a hot summer day. It’s nice, a long hike but the first part in the forest was warm and sweaty, no breeze to cool me off.

The way is fraught with junctions so you should employ the use of a guide book or map but I will give you a few pointers

Start off at Dead Man’s Flats and take the bridge to the old Pigeon Mountain Ski area (not really the old area but close too it) and find the trailhead parking for the Centennial Trail.

Once on your way you will quickly come to some signs including a large one. Left it to Pigeon Mountain so go straight. Soon you come to another junction this time three choices are offered but you should take the far left one, a less traveled road.

The Gully - Mount Collembola

The Gully – Mount Collembola

Follow this for some time and eventually a few options branch off to the left. I took the second one but you can just stay on the main trail. This turns into the trail to Jubilee Lakes. I started up the slopes towards Mount Collembola once I reached a steep gully that was alpine meadow.

Panorama of the Three summits of Mount Lougheed. Mount Allan and the ridge that the Centennial Trail follows are in the foreground.

Panorama of the Three summits of Mount Lougheed. Mount Allan and the ridge that the Centennial Trail follows are in the foreground.

Once on the ridge I had a break. The views down the Bow Corridor towards Cascade Mountain are fantastic.

Panorama of the Bow Corridor and the Trans-Canada Highway

Panorama of the Bow Corridor and the Trans-Canada Highway. The Three Sisters are on the left, then is Mount Rundle and Cascade Mountain is at the far end of the valley. Mount Lady MacDonald, Grotto Mountain and the Fairholme Range are on the right.

Once I was below the summit I decided to scramble up cliffs on the right. That was a mistake, I soon found my self on steep ledges that are far from safe. They were down sloping, loose and exposed. I backed off.

The easy way is on the left (east side) and although it’s steeper the ledges are wide and the moves easy, just a bit of route finding to get through easy. Once on the summit I just laid back and took photos, ate lunch and enjoyed the views.

On the way down I took the scree down towards Jubilee Lakes from below the cliffs.

The route is a long one, it’s about 24k round trip and approximately 1300 meters elevation gain so be prepared for a longish day.

Mount Collembola Panorama

Mount Collembola Panorama

This is a poor panorama…… sorry

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Mar 212003

This is an easy scramble except for one rock band near the summit.

Let me back up here before I jump into this.

This peak is one of a small handful of summits for which I had no photos for this web site, so I went back in the early part of the summer of 2002 to click away to my heart’s content.

My first trip was on the first day of spring in 2000 and can remember slipping then falling on hard packed snow and starting to slide. My ice axe was sliding uselessly along with me and just as I was thinking “Hey shouldn’t I be self arresting just about now” I ran into some soft snow.

Then I stopped just short of a rocky run out ….. Whew!

Now we jump forward to 2002.

I decided to test my speed on this occasion, to see how my efforts to increase my physical performance have worked. I made the summit in 1:28 and was back at the parking lot in 2:28. I could improve this but I think that is fairly fast. That’s 900 meters vertical up, 900 down.

This route lends itself to speedy accents.

Happy trials and fibrillations.

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