Outlaw Peak

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Jul 152000

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Top: Mount Glasgow from Mount Cornwall
Bottom: Mount Glasgow from the Big Elbow River Bridge


Mount Glasgow, Mount Cornwall, Outlaw Peak, and Banded Peak form an outstanding tetrad of mountains only one hour from Calgary. Most Calgarians are oblivious to the fantastic adventure that is available to them, literally at their doorstep.

Our party consisted of Officer Rob Davidson of the Calgary Police Service,
me and Henry. We started a little late, at around 2:30 PM and so planned to go as far as possible that afternoon. We made it about 1000 meters up the side of Mount Glasgow. Rob was not liking it. We later found out why. He had a 25 lb bag of water in
his pack!

That night we enjoyed a dinner of noodles prepared by Rob. The boiled water was discarded. Hummm.


calgary_before_night.jpg (31638 bytes)

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Top: Calgary is just above the ridge
Bottom: A time exposure of the Calgary lights at about 11:15 PM. The Calgary Stampede fireworks were barely visible but not clearing the horizon.

That night July 15/2000 was the night of the Pine Lake tornado tragedy. We were aware of bad weather around us but had no idea of the magnitude of events unfolding to the north east. I could see thunder clouds from the comfort of my bivouac. Occasionally the clouds would part to reveal a bright moon, then move back in and engulf the

The next morning we didn’t get up until the weather parted, about 10:00 AM. On our way up Mount Glasgow, we talked with some crazy who had spent the night only feet from the summit folded away in a tarp. Hummm again!

corwall_mini.jpg (129220 bytes)

Panorama of Mount Cornwall as seen from Mount Glasgow
Outlaw Peak is to the left

After we were finished with Glasgow, it was off to Mount Cornwall. There is a bit of scrambling near the summit of Mount Glasgow, we cleared that, then crossed a huge basin to get near Cornwall for a late lunch break
and the trots.

outlaw_peak.jpg (38858 bytes)

rob_goes_down.jpg (36975 bytes)

Top: Outlaw Peak
Bottom: Rob on the way to Banded Peak… almost


The summit of Cornwall passed by easily, then a windy broad ridge was traversed to get to Outlaw Peak. This has a rock band or two to climb or pass on the side, as you prefer. The views from the summit of Outlaw are great.

Then of course we continued on, with the idea bagging Banded Peak, but by the time we made it to the Outlaw Banded col, Rob’s feet were hamburger. Now we have unfinished business to attend to.

I should have
been a vegetarian that day.

Some other day I suppose.

Glasgow from Romulus Campground.
We spent our first night on the ledge above the cliff

Cornwall from Romulus Campground.
The summit is right of center

corwall_from_outlaw.jpg (39278 bytes)

Mount Cornwall from Outlaw Peak
rob_and_henry_cornwall.jpg (41094 bytes)

and Henry approach the summit of Mount Cornwall

outlaw_creek.jpg (25167 bytes)

Outlaw Peak on the way down Outlaw Creek
rob_henry_big_elbow_river.jpg (51717 bytes)

The End
Rob eta al cross the Big Elbow River

thletes have studied how to leap and how to survive the leap some of the time and return to the ground. They don’t always do it well. But they are our philosophers of actual moments and the body and soul in them, and of our maneuvers in our emergencies and longings.

Harold Brodkey

alse friends are worst than
bitter enemies.

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