Barrier Mountain

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Barrier Mountain is the sharp peak right of center.

Barrier Mountain is the sharp peak right of center.

Although I’ve walked up this little mountain before, It was my trip up on January 11/2002 when I got the camera out and took some pictures for this website.

Barrier Mountain is located in the frontal range and so is dry most of the year. If you live near Calgary and need to get out for a day and want some nice views then this is a good outing.

On January 11/2002 it was sunny and the temperature was mild. The wind was also not very strong that day so it was ideal conditions. I took my new MD Walkman along for the hike and enjoyed some tunes on my master mix disk as well as those of a musician that I know.

She’s wild.

At the top of the mountain is the forestry shack and a few antennae as well as a picnic table and a fire pit. The shack is not staffed most of the year so you’ll probably have the summit to your self. Enjoy!

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